Dragon Tattoos for Women

Hello guys, do you ever seen dragon tattoos? I know that women rarely use dragon for their tattoo design, but I think dragon is good choice for your tattoo.
For the most part, dragon is a symbol of power, strength, or strong will. If you want to show your power in your tattoo, you should choose dragon tattoo design. You know what? The position of dragon tattoo design has symbolic meaning. If the dragon has descending position, it means that the design has negative intentions. But, if the dragon has ascending position, it means that the design has positive intentions.

Today, I will share some dragon tattoo ideas for women. Dragon tattoo has many different types and different designs. The different of dragon type is because of the area or the place that the dragon is popular. Dragon has symbol of strength, power, and anymore, but also can be fusion with feminine element like flower. Allright, there are some dragon tattoo ideas for you. You can see the design and you also can use the design for your own tattoo design.

Dragon tattoos on back

For this design, women loved to put the design on their back body. Most dragon tattoo has big design, so the best place to put the tattoo is on the back.

Dragon tattoos for women on side

Dragon tattoos for women on neck

Dragon tattoos for women ideas

Thanks for reading this post. Next post I will post more half sleeve tattoos for women. Keep visiting all, hope helpful for you.

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